Radiation shielding material for inspection systems

The ever-changing and diverse needs of our customers are a constant challenge that we gladly meet. This often results in interesting products which we use to extend our product range. One of these products is the range of radiation shielding materials, which we would like to present to you here.

X-rays are not only used in everyday medical applications, where shielding is required in equipment or as personal protection gear. Among others, they are also used in inspection systems in the food industry or for baggage screening at airports. But no matter in which area the radiation is used, protective measures are always required.

For this purpose, we offer solutions based on the well-known ELASTOMIT sheet materials, a thin and flexible rubber material with a fabric insert in lead-free design. The material complies with American and European food conformity regulations and is ideally suited for use in the pharmaceutical or food industries. Thanks to its flexible properties, ELASTOMIT can be used in complex installation situations or processed into strip curtains or aprons. The product, which is usually only available in complete rolls, can also be obtained from us in smaller quantities and individual cuts according to your specifications.

Neutron rays are mainly used in research reactors, for example for the development of materials and material surfaces. Here, shielding is also required to protect people and equipment in the surrounding area.

Our solution for neutron ray attenuation are flexible rubber boron carbide sheets with B4C incorporated. These can be manufactured in various thicknesses, allowing different attenuation effects to be achieved. With a format of 500 x 1,000 mm and rubber-flexible properties, the plates adapt to a wide variety of installation conditions and concavities. For more complex installation spaces, we can also produce cut-to-size or tool-bound moulded articles according to drawing specifications.

We have summarized an overview of the two product groups in a video here. Have fun watching!

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