50 jahre gummi wöhleke jubiläum

Anniversary – Gummi Wöhleke celebrates its 50th anniversary

In 1969, Hans-Werner Behrens founded Gummi-Wöhleke GmbH as a successor company to a technical trade, with the intention of designing a company that supplies articles for niche markets with special requirements.

The personal contacts with well-known pharmaceutical and medical technology customers led to the fact that in the first years of independence the main focus and the basis for these sensitive areas of application was laid, in addition to the maintenance of the customer base for general technically demanding rubber products.

Towards the end of the 1970s, there was an extension to rubber articles for use in laboratories. In addition to classic rubber products such as plugs for test tubes and hoses for Bunsen burners, these include essential products for medical and medical laboratories, e.g. in blood testing, and increasingly consumables for analytical, chromatographic procedures. The high-purity rubber compounds required for this in combination with inert barrier layers made of fluorine materials have also proven to be excellent protection in the packaging of sensitive or aggressive media and have since been used in many ways as seals in cap caps. The specialization of technical rubber articles continued for applications in laundry and conveying technology, aircraft and special equipment construction.

The family character of the company was maintained by Ralf Behrens from the end of the 1980s and is now continuing in the third generation with Bastian Behrens. The constant and constant development of the company is not conceivable without our experienced and committed workforce.

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Ralf and Bastian Behrens