Punched items

made of elastomer and thermoplastics

Our products and materials

CR Control box seals; protective caps; diaphragms with and without PTFE for oxygen pressure reducers;seal bags; sandwich bearings; expansion bags; lip profiles for bottle turners.
CSM Flap valve seals; acid hoses.
ECO Seals for transformer baking ovens.
EPDM Gaskets for stainless steel screwed pipe-connections; artificial vaginas for insemination equipment; coupler sockets for inhalation devices; reducing rings for drink machines; spacers for heat exchangers, helical hoses for diagnostics units; conical rings for laboratory filters; seal plugs for luminaires; chamber profiles for commercial washing machines, sleeves.
FKM Frames for thermal baths; seals for injection pipes; disc valve seal rings; solvent hoses; conical sleeves.
FMQ Expansion elements for thermostats; carburettor diaphragms.
IIR Blood culture plugs with or without PTFE for test sera; diaphragms for biofermenters; septs.
LSR Catheter brakes; compression seals; sealing rings; plugs.
NBR Diaphragms with fabric lining and PTFE for polyurethane casting machines; vent valves; strain relief sleeves ; gas regulating diaphragms; bellows for metering units.
NR Conical laboratory plugs; ligature rings; hose connectors for Redon drainage systems; thread guiding plugs; sealing rings for suture material bottles; vacuum displays; laboratory hoses, balls for injection pieces; reflux valves; diaphragms for drainage presses.
PA Discs for air valves; support rings.
PE Slip-on caps for vacuum systems; foamed PE as closing elements in combination with porous PTFE films; holders for micro-surgical needles.
PNR Slip-on caps for vacuum systems; foamed PE as closing elements in combination with porous PTFE films; holders for micro-surgical needles.
PTFE Vulcanised on elastomers as sealing washers for pharmaceutical drugs, test sera and fine chemicals; porous PTFE as inserts with degassing and ventilation function.
PUR Bump stops; friction wheels.
PVC Cutting connectors; drip chamber SAN triple connectors for tube systems in medical engineering.
SBR Despiking brushes; hinge bases; separating plates for photo developing tanks; contact caps.
TR Cuttable universal connectors for drainage systems; drain hoses for drink dispensers.
VMQ Ventilation mushroom valves; autoclave seals; medical hoses; puncture sites for implantable ports; instrument holders; eyeball lenses; surgical pads; soldering iron scrapers; window profiles; connectors for dialysis systems; flapper valves; valve plates for infusion collectors.

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